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     Birdwatching in the UK 2
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The Padley Gorge, near Grindleford in the Peak District of Derbyshire was one of my regular walks when I lived in the UK 13 years ago. A tannin-laden stream cascades down through a gritstone gorge and ancient oak woodland alive with birds. On the stream live Dippers (similar to mulkkamagwi) and Grey Wagtails (noranghalmisae). The oak woodlands attract special birds such as the Pied Flycatcher (similar to huinnunsseophwangeumsae), Redstart (similar to ttaksae), Tree Pipits (like hindungsae) and Wood Warblers (like sansolsae but bigger and brighter). I saw all apart from the latter, which have become rare in the area since I left. The oak forest was beautiful in its early summer foliage and the bird song added to the pleasant surroundings.

My mum lives on the edge of Chesterfield where it was formerly rather industrial, up to about 10-20 years ago. Now coal mining and steel working has finished in the area and nature is regaining a foothold. The nearby river, the Rother, used to be one of the most polluted in England. It must be a lot cleaner now as I saw Kingfisher (mulchongsae) on it. The nearby Chesterfield Canal was the best area though, especially an area developed for walkers and bike-riders called the Bluebank Loop (for the bluebells that flower there). Here a couple of Mute Swans (hokgoni) were nesting, a Grasshopper Warbler (like jwibalgwigaegaebi) was reeling - I stalked into the rough grass and saw it on top of a hummock, a rare sight - and scarce birds such as Lesser Whitethroat (soehuinteokttaksae) and Willow Tit (bukbangsoebaksae) were in the bushes and scrub. Nearby at the sewage works I was treated to the daredevil swooping and diving display of a pair of Lapwings (daenggimulttesae).

The Burbage Brook tumbling through the ancient oaks of Padley Gorge

Bluebells, like those found at Bluebank, were in full bloom

The Mute Swan nest near the Chesterfield Canal

The Chesterfield Canal and Bluebank Wood (to the right)

Nick Allen

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